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My art expresses the freedom and joy I feel in striving to visually interpret insights and energies that impact my soul. For me inspiration is everywhere, proving that at the heart of all things is something glorious and divine. Leaves fluttering in a gentle breeze, the iridescence of my skin as it glisten in the afternoon sun, a beautiful flower - all give me ideas to infuse into my artwork. My hope is to inspire others to partake of the wondrous beauty in God's magnificent creation by using color, design, texture and form. My dream is to spark imaginations to expand and embrace creativity as an integral part of the life experience.

I am inspired to create by the world that surrounds me. Flowers, plants, and natural environments have been my focus lately. I believe the power of my artwork emerges when I clothe the patterns and designs I have selected with color and texture using paint, dyes, fabrics and shells. I then sew, quilt, and embellish my artwork and collectibles to make a dynamic positive statement.

Throughout most of my career I have worked as a visual artist creating textile wall hangings and collectibles for beauty and display. My focus now is mainly as a quilter creating works that have functional as well as aesthetic appeal. My grandmother was a quilter - the love and caring she showed me really inspired me, and in working to encapsulate that in my artwork I believe it makes my work even more dynamic than before. Also, I want to bring forward the energy of the good moral precepts and strong human values she instilled in me as I was growing up.

I believe the combination of intense and luminous colors I use in my work vibrates peacefulness, harmony and joy. Realizing that color and design often times cause subtle changes in individuals without their awareness, I try to use them to subliminally inform, enlighten and even heal the viewer. I believe that my fabric paintings and quilts provide visual regeneration for the mind, body and soul. I see myself as one of many creative people who is heralding a new era of art that seeks to share the good in life and elevate the human spirit.

If nothing else, I want people to be able to take a tiny micro dot of energy they may get from seeing a beautiful color of magenta, sunset orange or indigo blue in my artwork and share it with someone to make them smile....


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